Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday's Feature Child- Jackson

Today we'd like to bring everyone's attention to a little guy who has been waiting far too long for a family.
Meet Jackson! 

Jackson recently turned two years old.  He is a busy toddler who finds joy in exploring and discovering new things.  His foster mother says that he is always on the move and into everything. He loves running, jumping, and climbing.  One of his favorite activities is going to the park, where he enjoys playing on the playground...especially going down the slide.  Jackson also likes to do puzzles, look at books and dance to music.  Overall, he is a happy boy, but he sometimes gets upset when he does not get his way.  However, he goes from a frown to a smile in no time.  Basically, he is a typical toddler boy.

Jackson is a healthy child with no known medical conditions.  When Jackson was born the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and he was in distress for a few minutes.  Physicians were able to handle the situation and Jackson recovered quickly.  He was discharged from the hospital as regularly scheduled.  He has shown no negative effects from this in his two years of life.  In fact, Jackson's physical development is right on track.  Additionally, he is able to express himself in simply words and copies what adults say.

For more information about this child, contact our Waiting Child Specialist, Nicole either by email at or by phone at 970-775-4683.