Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Month in Review

Happy LAST DAY of July!

Wowzers time has really flown by this summer. It has been a challenging month but we survived the crazy stress of everything that has been happening.

Instead of doing our usual Wisdom Wednesday we are going to do a month in review. Plus, we promise to work hard on update the blog more often. (Bad Erin!!)

So here it goes:


Let's see.... In the end of May China shut down their old website system and started their new online system called CPIS on June 1st. After MANY bugs and problems that needed to be ironed out *crossing fingers* I do believe they have the majority of the problems fixed. We were finally able to start submitting the dossier and Pre-approvals!!

Soooo this is the new steps in the process.... Once we get all of the certification/authentications we have to scan each document (there are 13 total that have been certified and authenticated) and then upload them to CPIS. We also have to scan and upload the Family photos, passport copies, passport photos and all of your references. On top of the uploads we have 5 separate tabs of information with over 55 questions to answer about the adopting family.

I timed this process for about 5 families files that I processed. It was an average of 3.5 hours of just scanning, entering info and uploads per family!!  And that all has to be done before we can send off your Dossier to China.

With that said we are just asking for our families to be patient with the new process. We know is taking a little longer to get your documents sent out to China but we are working hard to make it happen as fast as we can! :)

With the new system we are getting PA's for families that have already been logged in instantaneously! Which is awesome. And some of the approvals are coming a lot faster then before.

As for files, we did get 5 little darlings that we are working on getting the final placements for!! WAHOO!!! We will let the families that are waiting know when we get more beauties in. :)

I think that is it for China for right now... More later....

Regina said she will work on getting an update out soon. :)

While we are working hard at everything around here up and going we also redid our website!! Please check it out and let us know how we did!! We think it looks a lot better and is easier to work with!! Thanks to Regina's daughter Stacy we have all the pages functioning with UP-TO-DATE information. So head on over to and check it out!

Okay that is it for Month in Review!!
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