Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baffled, Confused, Bewildered, Astonished, Boggled...etc

Have your pick...I am all of the above

Why, you ask????

Well...see this face

CUTE...right! =)

This is Braden. He's been on our individual list for two months. He is just over ONE YEAR OLD! Born 11-1-2009. He is active, social and curious and his caregivers adore him. Braden was born with cleft lip and palate and is a hepatitis b carrier. He also has a black birthmark on the back of his head. Nothing a little hair wouldn't cover up. He has no other medical conditions and Braden's physical and intellectual development are normal.

What's left me so puzzled is that this little guy still doesn't have a family. All three of his special needs are usually considered very minor. I figured that it may take a little extra time to match him with a family because he has "multiple special needs" ...but not two months. And what amazes me most is that there haven't been too many inquiries about this little guy! Hmmmm...........

I know this little guy has a family out there somewhere. If you think that you may be the one, please contact us info@aacadoption.com or 970-532-3576. If yours is not the right family for him, please help spread the word. Braden only had one more month on our individual list before he returns to the shared list.