Monday, July 26, 2010

Loveable- Snuggley- Alex

Meet Alex! This little boy is only two years old. He is so adorable and sweet. He's a complete cuddler. He is at the age where he is really shy. So he was more apt to giving us looks that said "Who the heck are you?" than giving us any snuggles. However, he did let Christie hold him for a bit. It was awesome to observe how much love he has for his nannies. He is very attached to them. The relationship was a great sign of the bonding that Alex would be capable of in a forever family.

Alex is post operative for meningocele. This is a type of spina bifida. Alex enjoys tummy time. He can crawl some, however, it is likely that he will never walk.
We hope that families do not stop after reading that. We hope that the right family for Alex is out there and reading this. One thing that we have learned working with adoptive families of waiting children, is that what one family may consider a huge disability, another family thinks it's not that big of a deal. Alex may be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. However, that doesn't mean that he is not able live a quality life. This little boy has so much love to give and deserves so much love in return.

If you would like more information about Alex, please contact us.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Elvis Is In The Building!

In all of the hullaballoo about Journey of Hope we haven't posted much about our Korean waiting children. Well we can't have that now can we =)

We'd like to introduce you to little Nathan.

Now Isn't that the best hair you have ever seen. He looks like a miniature Asian Elvis LOL. This little guy is only six months old. He was born with deformity of both ears and hearing loss. He is not profoundly deaf and could possibly benefit from hearing aids of some sort. Nathan is developtmentally on track and has no other medical issues. He is a sweet boy and has allot of potential. He would flourish in the right environment; possibly a family who has experience sign language or is willing to learn.

Please contact AAC for more information about Nathan.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

We NEED Your Help!!!!

As we post our Child of the Day, we hope that the family that is meant for that child is reading that post. However, we realize that many families who follow our blog are currently in the process of adopting already. This post is for those families and for families who are just not at the place in there life where they are adding to their family.


I have heard so many amazing stories of how families were led to their children. Many times they heard about their child from a friend. YOU may know someone who is meant to be the family of one of these children. Or someone you know, knows someone who knows someone who will be the light in this child's life. YOU could be part of their story by helping to spread the word.

We are asking EVERYONE... PLEASE tell people that you know about these kids. Post a link to AAC's blog on your blog. Write a post about these kids. Email AAC and tell us if you know of any adoption events in your area. We may be able to send a representative. ANYTHING you can think of to help these children would be fabulous.

We have a counter on this site that tracks how many times our blog is viewed. If you click "view site stats" under the counter it breaks down the statistics for you. When viewing the statistics, click "referrers/ recent hits" on the left hand side of the screen. It will then tell you what pages the last 10 visitors have come from. This way you can see if people are following a link from your page to our page. You can see that you are making a difference. Just think about it...if one person comes across your blog and follows a link to AAC where they happen to read about a wonderful child who they then come to love and make their own...YOU have done something wonderful! YOU are now a piece of that child's puzzle.

We know that some of you have already been advocating for these kids. I have seen monitored the statistics and seen the difference that you are making. THANK YOU!!! PLEASE KEEP IT UP!

Bashful, Beautiful, Bright - BETH

Beth is a wonderful 12 year old girl. We adored her from the moment we received her file from CCAA. Here is her referral photo. She is so pretty.

When we first met her she smiled shyly. We could tell that the foreign strangers were making her a little uncomfortable. I don't blame her. I can't imagine what I would have felt like at her age if some weird Chinese people were talking to me in gibberish and taking my picture. Despite her shyness, she was very polite.

Right away we noticed the great relationship that she had with several of the other girls from her orphanage. I caught these great shots of them together. Madeline and Rudy's outgoingness seemed to help Beth and a couple of the other girls open up to us more. It was wonderful to watch them interact.

Later in the evening we were able to visit with Beth in her hotel room. During that time We got to see the giggly girl side of her. I absolutely love this shot of Cadence teasing her a bit, playing on her shyness.

During the interview we learned that Beth is a very self assured girl. She knows what she likes and doesn't like and has a very definitive opinion. Beth loves pineapple, and sour and spicy noodles. We learned that she doesn't like dresses and frilly things. She prefers t-shirt and jeans (a girl after my own heart LOL) Some of her favorite colors are pink, yellow and black. She loves ping pong, basketball and badminton. I guess you could say she is a sporty kind of girl. Beth told us that she would like a family with brothers and sisters.

Toward the end of the trip Beth really started to open up to us. While going to lunch or dinner, we encountered her several times in the hotel lobby. Through our facilitator she chatted with us freely. She was such a sweet girl and really captured our hearts.

Beth is a healthy child no medical conditions. The only reason that she is a waiting child is because she is an older child. Everyone at our agency is shocked that this girl has not yet found a family. She is so sweet, so charming, so beautiful, so lovable, so full of potential, sooooo in need of a family.

If your family feels that you are being led to add a child to your family. Please consider Beth. She needs no medical assistance. She only needs love and nurturing. Contact AAC 970-532-3576 or for more information.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

An Amazing Gift!

On Friday we received an amazing gift from one of our adoptive families. A very generous donation! The donation will be used as grant money for our waiting child program. Our appreciation is beyond words. This family has graciously given three years in a row now. They have been instrumental in the placement of many many waiting children. We can not thank them enough.