Wednesday, October 30, 2013

AAC Fall Festival 2013

Happy Halloween! Happy Fall! Happy Happy Joy Joy. :)

The staff and families had such an amazing time a couple of weekends back at our annual Fall Festival. We wanted to share a couple of the photos from the day with you.

Red took some of the photos but she also swiped some from family pages on Facebook. hehe . We were having so much fun with the kiddos and running from the Big Bad Wolf that we forgot to pull out our camera and snap shots. Sorry.....

Okay so here is what you have been waiting for!

 Click HERE to check out more photos!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday's Special Feature: Updates on AAC's Programs

Happy Friday!
We thought we would give you some updates on how AAC's China and Korea Programs are going. We haven't done an update in a long time. Soooooo here we go:


The new China system (CPIS) is up and running and seems to be working great. It took us a little bit to get a good handle on the new procedures but we are fast learners and have caught on quick. We still can't accurately predict timelines yet since the process is still new. I am hoping that by the first of the year we will be able to say, "on average it has been taking this long for blah blah", and "our families have been able to get their blah blah in blah average days".
We did get some children for our agency list at the end of August. We have been able to place over half the kiddos with their Forever families. We still have 6 little cuties waiting for their forever families. If you would like to view their photos just click HERE.


The trip to Korea at the beginning of the week went great. AAC was able to get videos and photos of all of our children there. They are all sooooo adorable. If you are matched with a child in the Korea program, your video and photos are being mailed out today and should arrive sometime next week. If you haven't received them by next Friday, call us and let us know. Wahoooo! 
We were able to sit down and talk with Eastern about some of our concerns and expectations and were pleased at how open and communicative they were. 
If there is one thing we want everyone to know it is that the Korea Program is still a viable program. Even though it has gone through numerous changes over the last year we want to confirm that it is a stable program and is still a good option for families. 
Things to note: 
  • Korea is a toddler adoption program, children are typically coming home at about 2 years old
  • Both the boy and the girl wait lists are open to families
  • All children are in a loving foster care home
  • Foster Parents receive extensive training and ongoing support
  • All children receive regular medical care
  • Yes, Parents do have to travel to finalize the adoption in Korea, but Seoul is a great place to visit! Learn about your child's heritage, eat something you didn't ever think you would eat, take a subway trip to the four corners of the city and explore.
Eastern has an amazing reputation and we have worked great with them these last 20 years and we look forward to many more years of this partnership. 

I think that is all the updates I have for right now. 
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Understanding Adoption Seminar in Southern Colorado

Understanding Adoption:

Everything You Need To Know Before You Dive In

October 23, 2013 or November 16th, 2013
6:30p-7:30pm 10:00-11:00am

Are you interested in adoption? Have you started the process or started to research your options? The process can be overwhelming and even intimidating, but there is hope! Come join us for a brief, concise seminar on everything you need to know about the process and important considerations in adoption.

You will come away with:
• Information about the types of adoption available
• An inside look at how a home study works
• Understanding the process and potential timelines
• Insights to assist you in deciding the race, culture, potential disabilities
you could parent
• Knowledge of how to prepare to be a happy, healthy adoptive family
• Resources in the community that are available

This free seminar is NOT associated with any adoption agency or adoption group. You will hear from counselors who work in the field who will provide insight in to what you need to consider and what information will be helpful to you on your journey.This material will be presented by Liv MacKenzie, LPC and Rachel Harrison, LPC.

Call to Register, 970-422-7334 or go to:

Liv MacKenzie is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has completed international and domestic home studies for adoptive families for 9 years. Liv specializes in reproductive psychology and prevention and treatment of prenatal and postpartum mood disorders.

Rachel Harrison is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a private practice downtown Durango. Rachel specializes in working with adoptive families and adoptees and is an adoptive mom herself. Additional specialties include, working with trauma, anxiety and depression. Rachel often uses EMDR therapy with her clients.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Features: Willow, Tessa and Reid

Yesterday we introduced you to our four waiting children from Korea. Today we wanted you to meet three of our waiting children from the China program. 


DOB: February 2012

This little beauty is Tessa and she is a year and a half. She enjoys babbling and playing games. She can sit alone, stand with holding a hand, roll over and pass a toy.

Her special need is mild mal-development of bilateral frontal lobe. We are not sure at this time how delayed she is but at the time of the last report in May she was behind. We are working on getting an update.


DOB: March 2012

This little sweetie is Willow and she is a year and a half. She likes to giggle and play games. She loves her Foster Mother. She is said to be "quiet, pretty and adored".

Her special need is development delay. We are not sure at this time how delayed she is but at the time of the last report in May she was behind in all areas. We are working on getting an update. We found out on Sept. 18th that she has a hemangioma on her back (2x2 in measurement).


DOB: August 2011

This fair haired and rosy cheeked cutie is Reid. He is two years old. He is said to be "a clever and lovely baby".  He is walking and talking. He likes music and gets excited when you turn it on.
Reid has been diagnosed with Albinism. Children affected with Albinism have higher sensitivity in their eyes. They may require sunglasses while outside and sometimes inside as well. A lot of the children will require reading glasses for poor eyesight.  He was also diagnosed with Pulmonary stenosis of the heart (CHD). He has not had surgery for the heart defect yet. He was abandoned at 6 months.

If you would like more information about these beautiful girls and handsome little guy, please fill out the preliminary application. Please mention the child's name in the comments section. The application fee is waived for all Waiting Child inquiries.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Please to meet you"... Korea Waiting Children

I know we post the Waiting Children from our China program on Friday's so today (Thursday) we are going to post our Korea program waiting children. They are a bunch of cuties, so hold on to your hearts. 


This handsome toddler is Dillon and he was born on August 29, 2011, weighing 6.9 pounds. 
He loves bath time and sometimes doesn't want to get out of the bath. He likes to hum songs to himself. He likes playing ball, looking at books and he cleans up once he is done playing.
He does have development delays in areas. His speech is delayed and he doesn't like to feed himself. He is going through occupational therapy right now to help out in the delayed areas. 

Meet HOLLY: 

This little beauty is Holly and she was born on July 30,2012 , weighing 5.2 pounds.
She enjoys bath time and loves to babble & laugh. She is developmentally on target.
She does have a possible Seizure disorder. An EEG has been requested. There is also a possibility of a hereditary disorder.


This handsome little guy is Jackson and he was born on August 29, 2012 , weighing 5.9 pounds.
He likes to babble to foster mom. He is not shy of strangers. He is said to be a cheerful, happy, social and busy boy. He likes looking at books and pretends to sing along to music.
He is on target developmentally. He was born with his cord coiling around his neck and was in fetal distress.
We have requested a video and update of his development and milestones. 

Meet Trevor: 

Sweet little Trevor was born on September 24,2012 , weighing 7.2 pounds.
He enjoys bath time and loves his foster family. He is hitting all developmental milestones.
In March of 2013 he was diagnosed with an Otohematoma on his left ear. After some treatments it has been healed. However, there is a scar on the ear.

With all of the children in the Korea Program, only families living in Colorado, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, California and Washington may apply to review their files. If you would like to review one of the files, please submit a pre-application on our website, and mention the child's name in the comments section.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Double Feature: Xavier & Uriah

DOB: January 2012
This happy little 1 1/2 year old guy ix Xavier. 

Xavier is said to be a smart baby. He loves babbling and being talked to by Foster Mother. He likes music and loves to touch things. He can be sensitive to loud sounds. He likes to touch Foster Mother's face and hands. 

He was abandoned at the age of 6 months. His special need is that he has congenital nubecula and mal-development of both eyes. This could mean that he is blind but at this time we do not know.  He is going to be housed at Bethel soon that will give us more information about his development. 

DOB: August 2009

 This sweet little guy is Uriah, and he is 4 years old. He is fond of playing games, singing and clapping hands. He loves to ask questions and is said to be a very curious boy. He is in Pre-School.

Uriah was abandoned at the age of 3 years old. He is blind and has Nystagmus (which is rapid movement of the eyes).  He is currently being homed at Bethel. They will be helping him with his special need.

If you would like any information on either child, please fill out a Preliminary Application at Make sure you mention the child's name in the comments and the $25 pre-app fee will be waived.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Erin at or call the office.