Friday, April 22, 2011

Exciting News!

A couple weeks ago, we announced that AAC has been working on some very exciting endeavors. We’ll keep you in suspense no longer…

AAC is proud to announce that we are one of very few agencies chosen by CCCWA (formerly known as CCAA) to take part in a new program. For the next year, we be partnering with three orphanages in the Jiangxi province. The majority of children’s files in these institutions will be exclusive to AAC. This includes children who are currently available for adoption and those who become available in the coming year.

In preparation for this venture, a team of us traveled to China last week and visited each orphanage. There we met approximately eighty children in need of loving families. The children varied in age and special need type. Some were as old as 13 years and some as young as 4 months. Some had more severe medical needs such as CP and some were very minor such as cleft lip and palate or corrected heart conditions. It was an amazing experience that touched our hearts. It was, of course, a joy to love on each of the babies. And words can not express what it is like to talk with an older child about his deep desire for a family. We will share more details about the children and our experiences in future posts.

Many of the children will be posted on our website next week. Information about the children will be available there or on Make sure to check our site frequently for new children.

For those of you interested in adopting a young, minor special needs child, apply soon! AAC does not currently have a waiting list for this program. With the growth we are expecting, that may change so give us a call or email us. We'd love to tell you more about this wonderful new opportunity.

AAC is very excited about this new partnership and look forward to a very successful year!