Saturday, July 3, 2010

An Amazing Gift!

On Friday we received an amazing gift from one of our adoptive families. A very generous donation! The donation will be used as grant money for our waiting child program. Our appreciation is beyond words. This family has graciously given three years in a row now. They have been instrumental in the placement of many many waiting children. We can not thank them enough.


  1. That is really wonderful news!!! Congratulations!!! Thank you so much to the very generous family! What wonderful hearts!

  2. YAY!! This is SUCH a huge blessing to waiting families! Wasn't long ago that we were adopting Evan and were given a grant from some very generous people. It was a huge help and blessing to our family.

    Perhaps your family helped us?! I can't thank our donors enough. It was and still is a huge blessing. It gives us hope in that bringing home another waiting child in the future is very doable!

  3. Yes this family is the same family who provided the grant for your adoption. They have been so wonderful to bless so many families.
    Another amazing thing...they wish to remain anonymous! They are such a God send.