Thursday, July 8, 2010

We NEED Your Help!!!!

As we post our Child of the Day, we hope that the family that is meant for that child is reading that post. However, we realize that many families who follow our blog are currently in the process of adopting already. This post is for those families and for families who are just not at the place in there life where they are adding to their family.


I have heard so many amazing stories of how families were led to their children. Many times they heard about their child from a friend. YOU may know someone who is meant to be the family of one of these children. Or someone you know, knows someone who knows someone who will be the light in this child's life. YOU could be part of their story by helping to spread the word.

We are asking EVERYONE... PLEASE tell people that you know about these kids. Post a link to AAC's blog on your blog. Write a post about these kids. Email AAC and tell us if you know of any adoption events in your area. We may be able to send a representative. ANYTHING you can think of to help these children would be fabulous.

We have a counter on this site that tracks how many times our blog is viewed. If you click "view site stats" under the counter it breaks down the statistics for you. When viewing the statistics, click "referrers/ recent hits" on the left hand side of the screen. It will then tell you what pages the last 10 visitors have come from. This way you can see if people are following a link from your page to our page. You can see that you are making a difference. Just think about it...if one person comes across your blog and follows a link to AAC where they happen to read about a wonderful child who they then come to love and make their own...YOU have done something wonderful! YOU are now a piece of that child's puzzle.

We know that some of you have already been advocating for these kids. I have seen monitored the statistics and seen the difference that you are making. THANK YOU!!! PLEASE KEEP IT UP!

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