Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bashful, Beautiful, Bright - BETH

Beth is a wonderful 12 year old girl. We adored her from the moment we received her file from CCAA. Here is her referral photo. She is so pretty.

When we first met her she smiled shyly. We could tell that the foreign strangers were making her a little uncomfortable. I don't blame her. I can't imagine what I would have felt like at her age if some weird Chinese people were talking to me in gibberish and taking my picture. Despite her shyness, she was very polite.

Right away we noticed the great relationship that she had with several of the other girls from her orphanage. I caught these great shots of them together. Madeline and Rudy's outgoingness seemed to help Beth and a couple of the other girls open up to us more. It was wonderful to watch them interact.

Later in the evening we were able to visit with Beth in her hotel room. During that time We got to see the giggly girl side of her. I absolutely love this shot of Cadence teasing her a bit, playing on her shyness.

During the interview we learned that Beth is a very self assured girl. She knows what she likes and doesn't like and has a very definitive opinion. Beth loves pineapple, and sour and spicy noodles. We learned that she doesn't like dresses and frilly things. She prefers t-shirt and jeans (a girl after my own heart LOL) Some of her favorite colors are pink, yellow and black. She loves ping pong, basketball and badminton. I guess you could say she is a sporty kind of girl. Beth told us that she would like a family with brothers and sisters.

Toward the end of the trip Beth really started to open up to us. While going to lunch or dinner, we encountered her several times in the hotel lobby. Through our facilitator she chatted with us freely. She was such a sweet girl and really captured our hearts.

Beth is a healthy child no medical conditions. The only reason that she is a waiting child is because she is an older child. Everyone at our agency is shocked that this girl has not yet found a family. She is so sweet, so charming, so beautiful, so lovable, so full of potential, sooooo in need of a family.

If your family feels that you are being led to add a child to your family. Please consider Beth. She needs no medical assistance. She only needs love and nurturing. Contact AAC 970-532-3576 or for more information.

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  1. It would be GREAT if someone could bring Beth and Madeline home together! BEAUTIFUL girls!!!