Friday, July 9, 2010

Elvis Is In The Building!

In all of the hullaballoo about Journey of Hope we haven't posted much about our Korean waiting children. Well we can't have that now can we =)

We'd like to introduce you to little Nathan.

Now Isn't that the best hair you have ever seen. He looks like a miniature Asian Elvis LOL. This little guy is only six months old. He was born with deformity of both ears and hearing loss. He is not profoundly deaf and could possibly benefit from hearing aids of some sort. Nathan is developtmentally on track and has no other medical issues. He is a sweet boy and has allot of potential. He would flourish in the right environment; possibly a family who has experience sign language or is willing to learn.

Please contact AAC for more information about Nathan.

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  1. So happy to see On Hold beside this little cutie's name on the list!!!