Monday, June 28, 2010

Whooo Hooo

The families of eight children have been approved!!!
Peyton, Tara, Daniel, Caitlyn, Rachel, Zach and Tessa are now officially matched with their families. Today is a great day! We are elated for each and every family.

We especially celebrate for Daniel. His story is moving and inspirational. Daniel was not originally scheduled to be in the journey of hope program. However, his desire for a family was so great that he approached the orphanage director with a special request. Daniel did not really understand what the program was all about but he knew another child who had been adopted through it. He understood that it would give him a better chance to find a family. After deliberation, the orphanage staff decided to include him. Daniel talked with me candidly about his hope. He also told me that he hoped for lots of brothers and sisters. I promised Daniel that I would try my hardest to find him his family. Several of us cried after we met with Daniel. From our experience, we knew that it was a longshot. Daniel is nearing the age of unadoptability. We would only have a short time. To our delight, Daniel's family found us! He was one of the first children matched! This experience has humbled us and reminded us that we are not the ones matching these children but something greater than us.

We also rejoice for Zach. Zach is blind. In the adoption world that translates into a phrase I really dislike "hard to place". However unpleasant the phrase, statistically it is true. You would be amazed at the number of children on the shared list with vision problems. They are the children who stay on the list the longest too. However, once again, Zach's perfect family found him. We couldn't hope for a better family. In their loving care he will grow to his fullest potential.

We also are thankful for another small miracle (although not small for the family).
Rachel and Caitlyn will be sisters! Not only do these girls have the same medical condition but they have been playmates. They will transition into their new family together. I suspect that they will be a blessing to each other and their bond will be strong. =)

So as we rejoice for these children, we are still praying for the remaining 14 children from our camp. Could you be part of one of these children's story?
Please take a look at the descriptions of these children on our website and below in previous posts. Also stay tuned to this blog for future child of the day postings.

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