Monday, June 21, 2010

Gabriel- The Karate Kid!

I'd like to introduce to you an absolutely wonderful little seven year old boy, Gabriel.

This little guy is such a sweet boy. He is in a foster home where he is growing and learning what it is like to be part of a family.

Gabriel is very friendly and full of smiles. When we met him, he impressed us with a few stories that he made up. Gabriel is very imaginative. During game time, he was eager to participate in every activity. He is very creative and made an awesome bracelet at the bead station. During the interview Gabriel told me that he enjoys playing games and riding bikes. He is currently in first grade. He likes school and his friends there. One of Gabriel's favorite things to do is draw.

Gabriel also enjoys practicing Kung Fu. He and his foster brother are taking classes. They are both quite good actually. We were all very impressed at the talant show.
Check out the video below. Awesome!

Gabriel's "special need" is deformity of the genitals. It is not a severe deformity and it is clear (in my opinion) that he is a male. Children with this issue are given a genetic testing just to make sure. It confirmed that he is a boy. He has no issues with urination and is otherwise healthy.

If you are considering adopting a waiting child, I ask you to consider this child. Get some information from your doctor on this specific special need. It is something that effects more people than you would guess and is more minor than most initial notions.

Ask yourself, is this a child you could love?

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