Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Feature: Mindy

 DOB July 2009

This beautiful little 3 1/2 years old girl is Mindy.

"Mindy is a lovely girl. Everybody likes her. We hope she can find a loving home with her caring parents soon, so that she can live a happy childhood while having a good future. We believe she will bring joy and happiness to your family!" This is what her Auntie's stated during their interview about Mindy.

Mindy is a strong little girl. She loves playing with other children and likes taking care of children younger than her. She likes watching TV and looking at pictures. The Drawing board is her favorite thing a long side her Auntie's cellphone!

Her special need is Post-Operative Cleft Spine (Meningocele), Atelencephalia, and both kidneys are deformed and abnormal. Due to her Meningocele she has paralysis of her lower limbs and incontinence. She is a very strong little lady. She is able to crawl and turn her body over. She can crawl onto a bar stool from the ground with hands support.

If you would like more information about this child, please fill out a preliminary application on our website. Please mention the child's name in the comments section. The application fee is waived for all Waiting Child inquiries.

Feel free to contact our office by phone 970-532-3576 or email:

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