Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Feature: Abner

Woozers It has been a week since the last blog.

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Today's feature is Abner. We got updated photos and information on our little guy Abner this week. We are excited to share with you.

DOB October 2011

This smart little guy is Abner, he is one and a half! He was described by his foster family as strong, fair, short, and quiet. He loves to cuddle and laugh. He likes to play with other and if you turn music on he will dance!
He is learning to walk by himself and is able stand and take a couple steps by himself. He loves to be outside and likes to help his Foster Mother in the garden.

Abner has a urogenital disease called Hypospadias. He also has a Hemangioma on the right side of his head (close to the hairline) and he takes medicine for Epilepsy but has not had a seizure lately.

Are you his forever family? Do you have a place in your home and your heart for this sweet boy?

If you would like more information about this child, please fill out a preliminary application by clicking on the drop down menu above entitled "Adoption" and selecting "Application" at

AAC does offer a $3000 grant with this waiting child. 

Please mention the child's name  in the comments section. The application fee of $25 is waived for all Waiting Children inquiries.
Feel free to contact our office by phone 970-532-3576 or email .

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