Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom: Traveling

Today's Wednesday Wisdom comes directly from you the readers. We know we have a lot of new travelers so this is a great time for this question. We asked our online friends:
What is one piece of advise you would give to a family that will be traveling soon?

Here are the answers we received:

Janna:I wish I had taken soup packets or noodles especially when I was sick there. I didn't know there was a water boiling pot in our hotels that would have worked.
Gloria: Pack light the one you bring home needs more packing space.

Alicia:My 2 yo son had a very difficult time traveling on the long journey home. I wish I had gotten something from my pediatrician to help him relax.

Shannon:Eat local! Lots! Don't be afraid to try everything. Take an extra bag, or be prepared to buy one in country - you will need the space on the way home!

Angela: make a movie of your town to show your child. It really helps with an older child.

Tiffany:  If it is an older child, buy local items. My son's favorite cartoon was Pleasant Sheep and Big Bad Wolf. I wish I would have purchased some of their books, toys etc. I did buy some small goods, like candy, and waited for special events like Christmas and gave it to him. After a year and a half of being home, he still enjoys the little surprises from China!

Joanna: Depending on the age/weight of child, a carrier (we had a Baby Hawk) is essential...we walked around Seoul with our little guy and the aisles of the plane to get him to sleep on the flight home from Korea. It also made him feel secure during all the airport times.Also! If you can, take a family member, to video and such and if you get sick, another person is really helpful.

Chrisa: The baby carrier was awesome to have. Cooler clothing for Guangzhou - we got really hot there. The strangest thing - my dad's bag broke and he lost his deodorant - none to be found in Korea or just in case...And most important, don't scrimp on the hotel - you'll be spending quite a bit of time in it and you want to be comfortable and happy!

Juleanne: On all 3 of our Gotcha days while in China our girls would not wear any thing but the clothes they were given to us in. Our last daughter we took a layer off a day but she always want some piece of her clothing on her. We let all ours girls give up their clothing at their own pace. So much change for these little ones. My 3 year old told me a few months later, after she learned English, that they were her warm safe clothes.

Vicki: Time goes by so quickly...enjoy all the little moments that come with the joy of a new child! We went with our daughter, and we tried to enjoy every moment we were there! It was awesome! No Tums or Rolaids in Korea or China.

Brian:  Pack lots of ibuprofen.....after using up all of ours we could not find anywhere. And it seemed to be the only thing that brought our daughters fever down. Fortunately another family brought plenty.

Jennifer: Take an extra piece of luggage for the things that foster mom will send home with you. Also, for the flight/flights have your son or daughter drink or eat something at take off and landing. This will help with the ears to pop. Other than that, try the local cuisine and try to sight see while you're there. In Korea, the non-tourist restaurants are better. The Korean women will want to hold and feed your child so just take it with a grain of salt and know that they do that and be thankful for a small break. Have safe travels!

Ali: Take lots of snacks! While on our trip we didn't always have an opportunity to stop for lunch so snacks were very important. Take someone with you that will be a great emotional support. Bring assorted toys and plenty of outfits for your little one for different types of weather.

We hope this helps the future traveler get prepared! If you have more questions or would like more advice you can join our Facebook group:

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