Monday, February 11, 2013

My Story Monday: The Reilly Family

Nearly two years ago, we began the journey to our daughter, Avelyn Grace. Adoption was something we had talked about  many times in our married life. We'd seen the miracle of adoption in our own family and the lives of our friends. As is the case so many times in life though, it's the greatest of tragedies that can inspire us, help us sharpen our focus on what's truly important. In 2009, our seven year old son passed away from cancer. A devastating loss, one we will live with for the rest of our lives. Our son lived with such courage and grace. Always giving love, always laughing despite his incredible struggle. Always choosing hope. It was his and our other children's courage during and after that time that really inspired us to listen to the path and plan that we believe was placed in our hearts by God; to have courage ourselves. So in 2011, what was once wistful thoughts about adoption shared between us, grew.  A seed, a dream, a prayer took root.

Our journey through adoption was not easy. We faced many of the typical and not so typical bumps in the road. Our first glimpse of our daughter came via Rainbow Kids. Pursuing her adoption meant switching agencies, meant taking very little time to review her file before Avelyn's scheduled return to the shared list just days later. But remarkably, even before we were fully able to view her file, we just knew. This was our girl! The one we had read books and blogs for, completed endless paperwork for. But more than any of that, she was the one we had been praying for. Now a beautiful and perfect face to put to the love we already had in our hearts. A little person all her own whose place was already so firmly a part of our family.

Many believe that when a family adopts they have somehow done this noble thing. But ask anyone who has adopted and they will tell you it's their child who has brought so much to them. Brought their own gifts, their own story. Brought lessons and blessing in every challenge and triumph, unique to adoption or not. Their child's story is oftentimes, in part, one of loss and grief but it's also one of remarkable perseverance, filled with love, courage and  hope. It's a story that our daughter will tell and define for herself one day far more eloquently and filled with her own truth than I ever could.


Now after the many long months of waiting are over, a month after our first meeting in a hotel lobby in China, our precious Avelyn sits playing contentedly with her toys while her Mama writes these words.

Sweet natured, quick with smiles, hugs and love, she has filled up our house with her little light. We are so grateful for her. To call her granddaughter, niece,sister, daughter..forever family. She is truly a little but very BIG dream come true~
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