Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Special Focus Child- Jeffrey

Today I'd like to focus on little Jeffrey. Little Jeffrey is only four years old. He is such a cutie pie! His nannies say that he is an extroverted little boy who is very active. He likes to sing children's songs and play games with other children.

Jeffrey had surgery for meningocele and tethered cord syndrome. The surgery went well and the conditions were repaired. Little Jeffrey can run, jump and play like other boys his age.

We requested Jeffrey's file for our special focus list because he is in the same orphanage that our Journey of Hope Camp was held. We know that this orphanage has a wonderful caring staff and the children are well taken care of. Because of the relationship that was built during Journey of Hope, we were able to get more info on little Jeffrey...including the video in the post below =)

Jeffrey is just darling as you can see. We have placed several children in the last couple of years with meningocele. Many cases seem to be quite minor and have a good prognosis if the surgery is successful. Jeffrey seems to be one of these cases

I urge you to investigate this medical condition and contact our office for more info on this little boy.

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