Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Journey of Hope Kid Comes HOME!!!

Right now I am sitting here reminiscing on this moment...

This was the first time that we met "Harper". I will never forget sitting with her and playing. She amazed us all and captured our hearts!

The emotions that we all felt during the Journey of Hope Camp can not be put into words. It was a time that both broke our hearts and filled them with hope. There were tears that's for sure!

I think the tears are going to flow again tomorrow because as I write this little "Harper" is on her way HOME with her FAMILY!! She is AAC's first Journey of Hope child to be united with her family. We are on the edge of our seats ready to welcome them home!!!

Tomorrow will be a day of celebration indeed!


  1. Celebrating with you! Very exciting, for sure!

  2. We're happy to be home with our precious girl:)