Friday, November 26, 2010

Return of Special Focus Children

Early in September CCAA (China Center for Adoption Affairs) began a new program called special focus. This program allowed for children who has been on the "shared list" for more than 2 months to be placed on agencies individual list. This allowed agencies to put forth extra effort to find homes for these children. So far it has been pretty successful. We have found homes for 7 children. However, the special focus regulations only allow agencies to keep the children's files for three months.
If we do not have prospective families for the below listed children by December 13, their files will be returned to the shared list. This is heart breaking to us because their are currently over 2000 files on the shared list. They become one of soooo many and have so much less of a chance of finding a family. Please read through their descriptions below. If one of them is tugging at your heart, please contact us. Fill out a preliminary application from our website and mention the child's name in the comments section. We will then send you additinal information about the child and the adoption process. If you have further questions, you can email us at or call us at 970-532-3576.

Erin is a sweet young girl. She was born on 2/25/2009. She likes listening to music and will sway her body. She absolutley loves taking baths.

Erin has leucoma in both eyes. As she has gotten older her caretakers have found that she can see somethings. Otherwise she is developmentally on track.

Desirae is a beautiful young girl with corrected cleft lip and palate. She is 11 years old. She has a sweet temperment. She likes to dress up and fix her hair. She loves the littler children and enjoys helping take care of them. She cuddles them, sings songs to them and plays games with them. The little children like her very much.

Bryce is a charming litte guy. He is 3 years old now (the picture somewhat dated) and adored by his caretakers. His caretakers say that 'his naughty look' is very adorable. He likes to play shy and cover his mouth when smiling at you.

Bryce was born with an imperforated anus that has been surgically corrected. He also has hypospadias and his heart is shifted to the right.

This darling little girl was born on October 22, 2008. Elise is outgoing and has a ready smile.

Elise was originally diagnosed as a healthy child. However, her development is slower than other children her age. She is not speaking yet. Her CT showed underdevelopment of the brain. She has had 3 seizure like episodes. Epilepsy is being considered.

This adorable little guy was born 2-10-2008. Jayden is very outgoing around those he is familiar with. he loves to play outside and with other children. He loves to explore and learn about things he has never seen.

Jayden has a minor deformity of some of his fingers and toes. He also has cleft thoracic vertebral plate associated with meningocele which has been surgically corrected. He is able to walk, go up and down stairs, and dress and undress himself. He is also potty trained. Jayden is very bright, can speak well, has great hand/eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

Hannah is a charming little four year old girl. She is extroverted and active. She gets along well with others and is not afraid of visitors. Hannah always greats them sweetly and even asks for cuddles.

Hannah was born with scoliosis. Her knees are turned a bit and she has a deformity of one of her feet. She can not walk on her own but can get around well if she holds on to something.

This sweet little girl was born on September 13, 2008. She is shy but energetic. She loves to play with toys and she loves to be rocked.

Emily had an abnormal CT scan. She seems to be developmentally on track and we are awaiting more information.

This cute little guy is four years old. Jeffrey is an extroverted little boy who is very active. He likes to sing children's songs and play games with other children.
Jeffrey had surgury for meningocele and tethered cord syndrome. The surgery went well and the conditions were repaired. Little Jeffrey can run, jump and play like other boys his age.

We hightlighted this little guy in another post that included a video. Make sure to check it out. He is such a doll!

Meet Joseph, a wonderful 11 year old boy. He is outgoing, sociable, and full of curiosity. Joseph often expresses his hope to have his own mom and dad. He has been asked if he was willing to live with parents with different nationality than him. He said "Yes, definately!"

Joseph had a hernia that was surgically repaired in 2006. He also has a banding around his right forearm and is missing half of his pinky on his right hand.

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