Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two Great Girls, Still Waiting for a Family!

Beth and Madeline; two wonderful, loving, beautiful girls, are still waiting for a family. I am actually a bit surprised by this because neither girl has a severe special need. Beth is a healthy child with no medical conditions. Madeline is has a minor form of Thalassemia that does not require blood transfusions. Now, every one in the adoption field knows that an older child is "harder to place". However, having met these girls, I just can't see them that way. Beth was so sweet and Madeline was so charismatic. A family would be blessed to have them as a child.

I am posting the video of Beth and Madeline's performance in hopes that you will be able to catch a glimpse of their wonderful personalities. Both girls were individually featured in previous posts on this blog. Please scroll back to the and read through the descriptions of our time with them. Consider if you are the right family for them. If not please tell others about these two great girls in need of a loving family.

Please remember that AAC will only have these girls files for a few more weeks. I would hate for them to get lost among the multitude of other files on the shared list, especially since they are getting older. Beth is nearing the age of unadoptability so we are especially concerned for her.

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