Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meet Drew!

Drew is darling little guy with a real drive to succeed. The first thing that I noticed about him is his Independence. He works very hard to overcome the challenges that his cerebral palsy brings. He was always wanting to do things himself which showed his "can do" attitude. Drew has some difficulty with his motor skills as many children with CP do. In 2006 Drew had a surgery and has since been doing physical therapy to give him more mobility. He can now stand while holding on to something and walk with crutches or a walker. Doctors that have been caring for him say that there is a good possibility that he could walk independently in the future. Drew is also working hard on his fine motor skills. He practices his handwriting very diligently. Drew benefits from being in a small class that is geared toward assisting children with physical needs. He says that he likes to do his work because he gets prizes =) During our time together, he also told me that he likes to play outdoors and would like to play badminton.
This kiddo has a really good heart and needs a home that can help him grow and reach his full potential. Please contact us for more information on Drew.

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