Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mister Marshall

Marshall is a 6 year old boy who is on the go! Within minutes of meeting him we could see that he was full of energy. He was eager to participate in every activity. When I interviewed Marshall I learned that he loves soccer, ping pong and running. I was impressed with how outspoken and confident he was. We asked each of the kids if they had any questions for us. Most of them were shy and said no. Not Marshall. He was eager to know what the plane ride was like. He also wanted to know if there was a bed on the plane. He told me that he really wants to go on a plane to America. This boy very much wants to join a family in the US. Marshall wants brothers, sisters, a dog and toys.
Marshall's cleft lip and palate have been repaired and he is a healthy child. We really enjoyed our time with him. He was a bundle of fun. His zest for life would be a blessing to any family.
Please contact us for more information on this child.

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