Monday, August 11, 2014


We recently received some really exciting news from our Korean counterpart agency, Eastern Social Welfare Society.  The Ministry of Health and Welfare has decided to offer an age waiver.  They are now accepting applications from prospective adoptive parents up to 50 years of age who meet one of the following criteria

- Both parents are of Korean heritage
- Either parent is an adoptee themselves
    (of any heritage)
- Parents (of any heritage) already have         previously adopted a child from Korea

The waitlist for families seeking to adopt a child from Korea remain very short and many healthy toddler boys are currently waiting to be matched with their forever families.  So if one of these exemptions apply to your family and you are interested in opening your hearts and home to a child in Korea, give us a call today!


  1. My sister has been looking to adopt a child from Korea and it looks like she can't. Neither her nor her husband are Korean or an adoptee. They have also never adopted a child from Korea. Is it still possible for them to adopt a child from Korea or do they need to find a different country to adopt from?

  2. Hello Amelia. I want to emphasize that this information only pertains to families seeking an age waiver. If your sister and her husband are both under 44 years of age then they may be able to pursue an adoption from Korea. However, if either of them is over the age of 44, or will turn 45 soon, they would need to explore other options. Please pass the message along that we would be happy to offer them more information and discuss our programs with them in detail. They can contact me (Nicole) directly by email at or by phone at 970-775-4683