Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Connect-A-Kid: Indiegogo Campaign

Back in August we introduced you to the Connect-A-Kid Program (click HERE to read the article).

Now is your time to get involved.

They have launched the Indiegogo Campaign to raise awareness and funds for the program. They hope is that they will raise enough to make the program available to all adopted children in 2014. Their goal to raise is $50,000 by December 06, 2013. As of today they are under a quarter of the way to meeting this goal.

Can you help?

Financially is not the only way to help out the campaign. There are other ways to help. For example: forward the video to friends and family; post on facebook; share at your organizations Adoption Month events.

For more information about the program please visit  ConnectAKid.org or email info@connectakid.org

Take a moment watch the video.

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