Monday, August 12, 2013


We all know growing up isn't easy. There isn't a manual on how to grow up and become the best you.

Now take a moment to imagine growing up with something different about you... it would be much harder, sometimes making you feel alienated from those around you. 

Often adopted kids experience this. Majority of the time they don’t live near other adopted kids. Or may have a few kids in their life that are adopted but they don’t see on a regular basis. 

Role models in society for adopted kids can be few and far between.

Connect-A-Kid was created by a Korean adoptee, Brian Conyer, who grew up with two older sisters, also adopted from Korea. Having them as role models helped Brian develop into the successful and happy young man he is today. He believes that the connection he had with his older siblings helped him cope with the differences between him and his friends. Not only was he adopted but he grew up in a trans-racial family, making them often times stand out in their community.

Connect-A-Kid is a mentoring program that pairs adopted children, ages 4-17, with adult adoptee mentors.  Through this program, children will have an opportunity to interact with others whom they can relate to and look to for advice within a safe and comfortable community. Brian states that "the focus of the program is to provide support to the children, but our goal as mentors is to support the entire family."

The primary goals of the organization are:
To connect the adoption community through the mentor program
Embrace cultural diversity
Celebrate adoption

Currently Connect-A-Kid is looking for participant families in the Southern California (LA/Orange County), Northern California (San Francisco) and Denver (Front Range) region. Please visit our website for more information about Connect-A-Kid at  Or you can email Andrea Wieland, Director of Family Outreach at 

Connect-A-Kid is excited to announce the launch of 4 new mentor teams in Southern California! The Los Angeles Fire Department will co-host the kickoff event at Fire Station 112 in San Pedro on August 24th, 2013! Participants from San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles will come together to join their respective Connect-A-kid teams, partake in lots of fun games and activities, and enjoy a Fire Boat Tour along the coast!

DATE:  August 24th, 2013
TIME:  11:30am to 1:30pm
LOCATION: Fire Station 112, 444 South Harbor Boulevard, Berth 86, San Pedro, CA 90731
RSVP:  Spaces have already been reserved for mentors, kids, and parents.  Please contact Brian Conyer ( if you would like to join the event to show support for the organization.  Space is limited, so RSVP early!

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