Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Child of the Day- Miss Personality- Madeline

This girl has got personality! Madeline is one of the most charismatic girls you will ever meet. She's outgoing, funny and sweet.

When I first met Madeline, she had just arrived at the orphanage where the camp was being held. She and eight of the other children had traveled from a different orphanage about 3 hours away. Most of these children were a little shy. Understandably so, since they were in a new place with strange people. Not Madeline though! Marissa and I went over to say Nihao. Madeline jumped right up to great us. We shook everyones hands and exchanged some introductions that, because of the language difference, none of us really understood. Maddie was all smiles and charm just radiated from her! Marissa and I took some photos of the kids. They really liked it when we would show them the picture of themselves. Madeline would giggle excitedly and then strike another pose. She was definately comfortable being the center of attention. Check out the photos of her below. The girls were so silly and cute! You can really tell what a ham Madeline is. You just gotta lover her!

We played with them for a short period of time while the others were setting up for the presentation. At one point Maddie gestured that she like to opperate the camera. I enjoyed watching her as she played photographer with her friends for a few moments. I couldn't help but notice that Madeline is such a leader. Her instant connection with us helped the other kids to open up to us too.

Later that afternoon, the kids put on a talent show for us. They all did such a great job! Some of them were a little nervous to be in front of so many people. But once again, not Madeline. She was the such a confident little performer. Hmmm, do we have a future superstar on our hands here?

The next day Marissa, Larry and Sandy lead the children in games and activities. They got to see more of Madeline's spunky personality. She was always eager to participate. Also she got along really well with the other children. Her caretakers say that EVERYONE likes her allot. We can see why cause we liked her very much too!

Christie was able to spend some one on one time with Madeline. During that time, she told us that she likes playing barbies and dress up. She also likes to draw. Maddie enjoys icecream, fruit and vegetables. Yes that's right she loves vegtables! She doesn't care for meat though. Madeline is smart too. She speaks both Maderine and Canotnese. Christie really enjoyed getting to know her.

Madeline is one of the four girls in this group who have been diagnosed with Thalassemia. Her case is very minor and she does not need transfusions or chelation. Her blood is simply monitered. This girl really needs a family where her amazing personality will be nurtured. She would bring so much joy to any family. Please watch the video posted yesterday about Thalassemia. If you feel that your family may be the right family for this child please contact us. We would love to give you more information.

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