Thursday, May 27, 2010

Child of the Day- Caitlyn- The Little Sweetie Pie

One word comes to mind when I think of Caitlyn... adorable! Everything about her is adorable, from her cute little face to her sweet little face and everything in between.

We met Caitlyn on the first morning of the camp. All of us were enamored with her. Who could resist that beautiful face?! Caitlyn was pretty outgoing and played with us right away. She liked to participate in all of the activities going on; story reading, puzzles, name it. We also noticed how well she got along with the other kids. My favorite time was when she showed us her necklace that her "auntie" gave her. It was so cute how proud she was of it.

Later on, Caitlyn made us all melt when she performed in the talet show. She did an awesome job! She was really coordinated and even graceful. We all "aaahhh"ed over her sweet little voice and girly little dance. The amazing thing about it was it was how confident she was. She was really comfortable in front of the croud.

During our one on one time with her we saw more of her outgoing personality. She was more talkative than many of the other children. Caitlyn is very self assured and will tell you what she thinks. She told us the things that she does and doesn't like. For instance; she likes singing, reading stories and playing with blocks. She doesn't like cookies, but likes vegetables. (Yes folks, another child who prefers vegies over sweets... I love that).

Caitlyn's Thalassemia causes her to need blood transfusions every month or two. She realy needs a family who can love and nurture her. If you think that your family might be the one, please contact our office.

Check out the pictures of our beautiful Caitlyn in the post above.

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