Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Please to meet you"... Korea Waiting Children

I know we post the Waiting Children from our China program on Friday's so today (Thursday) we are going to post our Korea program waiting children. They are a bunch of cuties, so hold on to your hearts. 


This handsome toddler is Dillon and he was born on August 29, 2011, weighing 6.9 pounds. 
He loves bath time and sometimes doesn't want to get out of the bath. He likes to hum songs to himself. He likes playing ball, looking at books and he cleans up once he is done playing.
He does have development delays in areas. His speech is delayed and he doesn't like to feed himself. He is going through occupational therapy right now to help out in the delayed areas. 

Meet HOLLY: 

This little beauty is Holly and she was born on July 30,2012 , weighing 5.2 pounds.
She enjoys bath time and loves to babble & laugh. She is developmentally on target.
She does have a possible Seizure disorder. An EEG has been requested. There is also a possibility of a hereditary disorder.


This handsome little guy is Jackson and he was born on August 29, 2012 , weighing 5.9 pounds.
He likes to babble to foster mom. He is not shy of strangers. He is said to be a cheerful, happy, social and busy boy. He likes looking at books and pretends to sing along to music.
He is on target developmentally. He was born with his cord coiling around his neck and was in fetal distress.
We have requested a video and update of his development and milestones. 

Meet Trevor: 

Sweet little Trevor was born on September 24,2012 , weighing 7.2 pounds.
He enjoys bath time and loves his foster family. He is hitting all developmental milestones.
In March of 2013 he was diagnosed with an Otohematoma on his left ear. After some treatments it has been healed. However, there is a scar on the ear.

With all of the children in the Korea Program, only families living in Colorado, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, California and Washington may apply to review their files. If you would like to review one of the files, please submit a pre-application on our website, and mention the child's name in the comments section.

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