Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom

We asked our families, who have brought a child home recently, for a little bit about their adoption journey. We were blessed with many responses. Our latest coming from the Ainsworth family whom we helped bring home their three beautiful daughters!

Juleanne writes:

It has been 10 months now and our little girl has transitioned so well in to our family.  It was different adopting a 3 year old after adopting our 2 other daughters which we adopted at younger age.  The difference for our family was we got an older confident little girl who knows what she wants.  For example, Kennedy has made it clear she does not like the American name of Kennedy Anne which we chose for her and she has stated she would like everyone to call her by her Chinese name which is Linlian; so we gracefully comply even after 10 months.

Even after our family continued to speak Chinese & English in our home to her, after a few months Linlian spoke fluent English and no Chinese.  Then after a few more months she did not remember any of the Chinese language or frankly anything about her life in China. What she has left of her memories of China is feelings about experiences, sounds and objects for example, seeing a train she says “Mommy and I rode a train together” which we did from Guangzhou to Hong Kong.  It has been amazing for us to watch the transition and see her personality blossom in to this extraordinary little girl. We feel she has been with us her entire life and Linlian feels the same.

Once again Thank you AAC.
Many blessings

The Ainsworth Family

Tom, Juleanne, Emerson, Sterling & Linlian (aka Kennedy but as I read this to her and said the name “Kennedy” she firmly said “NO it is Linlian”)
 For more about this beautiful girl and her journey through adoption please check out Juleanne's website


  1. The Ainsworth family is so awesome and a great example of how adoption can work. They are one happy family and the girls enrich their lives as much as they enrich the girls. And I am thrilled to have three sweet little girls to call part of my family!! Love you all!!

  2. lovely story of a lovely family