Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Anthony Needs the LOVE of a Family... Does your family have it to give?

Anthony is an adorable little three year old boy.
His physical development is normal, and there is just a slight delay in his mental development.
He plays well with others as well as likes to play by himself for long periods of time.
He is described by his foster Mom as happy, cooperative and obedient.
He likes to be out and about going places and seeing sights. He likes to visit with lots of people.
He likes to listen to music and is described as a very patient little guy.
Foster Mom says he is always smiling and happy.
Anthony’s special need is symphysic teratism of both ulna and radius at proximal end, and bilateral indirect hernia.
Anthony is looking for his “Forever Family” and if you think he may be your son, please call and ask to review his file.


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