Monday, December 13, 2010

One more shot

The time has come to release the files of the first batch of special focus children who we haven't found families for back to the shared list. Doing this has been harder on me than I had anticipated. My heart just kept hurting for them as I thought of how easily they can get "lost" on that shared list of over 2000 children....sigh. Luckily I work with a very wise woman who kept reminding me that they will now have the opportunity to find a family through another agency. So, I said a prayer for Elise, Joseph, Erin, Hannah and Bryce and released their files. However...... I couldn't help but to give one more shot to these two boys.

Jayden and Jeffrey

I'm pretty surprised that these little guys didn't find their family yet. Mostly because their special needs have been corrected and their prognosis's should be pretty good. Soooo here it is one more short description on each of these cutie patooties.

Jayden has one of the cutest little faces I have every seen. His birthday is 2/10/2008. He is very outgoing and loves to play outside and with other children. He loves to explore and learn about things he has never seen. Jayden has a deformity of some of his fingers and toes. The deformity is very minor and his fingers are very nimble. He can pick up small beads, take caps off and on bottles and sew through button holes with a plastic needle and string. Jayden also has spina bifida that has been surgically corrected. He is able to walk, go up and down stairs, and dress and undress himself. He is also potty trained. His CT showed widened lateral ventricles on both sides but he has not been diagnosed with any brain disorder. In fact he is very bright, can speak well, understands the difference between big and little, and can do puzzles.

Jeffrey is an extroverted little boy who is very active. He likes to sing children's songs and play games with other children. He had surgery for meningocele and tethered cord syndrome. The surgery went well and the conditions were repaired. Little Jeffrey can run, jump and play like other boys his age. You can view a video of sweet Jeffrey just a few posts below. Jeffrey is from the same orphanage that our first Journey of Hope camp was held. He is being cared for in one of their foster homes where he is growing and developing well.

If either of these boys is tugging at your heart please contact our office by phone 970-532-3576 or by email We will have their files only until next Monday.

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