Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let's Not Let Them Be Left Behind

We are elated be able to tell you that 22 of the 30 children that participated in the Journey of Hope camp have found families! In terms of figures, that's 73%. A wonderful number I know...but...yes there is a but....I can't stop thinking of the 8 children who still do not have a home.


I look back at pictures such as these and I can't help but think that Beth is the only one in these photos with out a family.

Because we met them face to face, it is hard to think of them as an acceptable 27% unsucess rate. They are children who NEED the love and nurturing of a family. It breaks my heart to think of how they will feel as one by one they watch their friends leave with their new families. Most likely, it will be especially hard for the older children, who can really understand . The ones who really knew the purpose of the camp.

In effort to help bring these children home, AAC has decided to double the grant money available for their adoption. $4,000 will now go toward the second phase fees. If you would like more information about any of our waiting children please feel free to give us a call (970) 532-3576 or email us

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